We are a talented group of experienced server administrators and developers with over twenty years of experience managing metal box deployments. More importantly, we are Native English speakers, born in the USA. We will simply make your life a breeze and take away the stress and expense of perfectly running servers.

Still looking for the perfect support administrator?

Look no more!

A dedicated Server Support company specializes in 24/7 Web Hosting Support, Linux, Windows, Game, cPanel Server Administration & Monitoring, Helpdesk Support, Remote Infrastructure Management, NOC, Cloud and Enterprise Security Services. In short, WE are your dedicated Service Support Company!

Webmaster Services

This is the simplest support plan we offer for outsourced web hosting support. Under this, we provide ticket support on your helpdesk or via email.

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Server Management

We are as reliable as your thumb. We can provide your Server Administration and Dedicated Server Support to monitor and maintain your servers.

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Cloud Server Management

Email and collaboration is critical to the success of your business. With our Cloud Server Management you can achieve new levels of reliability and efficiency.

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VPS Support

We offer VPS Support (Virtual Private Server) management plans at very reasonable rates and support is available 24/7.

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Dedicated Support

Suited for web hosting companies or data centers who have a number of domains and servers to be catered to. A Dedicated Support staff will be assigned to your company. Think executive assistance.

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Security Support and Auditing

Our Security Auditing will help you identify attacks (successful or not) that pose as a threat to your network and attacks against resources that you have determined to be valuable in your risk assessment.

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