Cloud Support

Email and collaboration is critical to the success of your business. With our Cloud Server Management you can achieve new levels of reliability and efficiency.

Virtualization technologies are great. That’s why we love it. Let’s face it, taking a metal box and slicing it up in to containers is really cool. But there are times when things just go out of shape. If you have a broken cloud server, or problems with a container, we can help you.

We don’t only have our own server farms, we also have extensive experience with technologies like LXC, and QEMU, and providers like Amazon and Digital Ocean. We have extensive experience – 20 years! – in these exciting new technologies and now you can put us on your team at a price far below what it would cost to hire a dedicated cloud server manager.


Virtualization Experts


VPS Scaling


VPS Load Balancing

Your Dedicated Network, System and DevOpps Administrators

Now everyone can afford talented server setup, installation, management, scaling and administration!

Price / Hour Prepaid Hours Total Order Now
$99 1 Hour $99 BUY NOW
$89 2 Hours $178 BUY NOW
$79 3 Hours $237 BUY NOW
$69 4 Hours $276 BUY NOW

With experienced system, network, and development admins salaries exceeding US$ 100,000 per annum, you can quickly see why using us to perform your administration needs saves you a ton of money. We also offer emergency support services. Our service is billed in 15 minute increments.