Expert Server Management

We are as reliable as your thumb. We can provide your Server Administration and Dedicated Server Support to monitor and maintain your servers.

Experienced network, server and development administrators are worth their weight in gold and priced accordingly. Most startups and many small to medium sized business can’t afford a quality admin. As a result, they end up either trying to gun it alone or hire an ‘affordable’ inexperienced person, which usually ends badly and costs far more in terms of server downtime and security breaches.

Instead of going it alone, why not go with us?

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you – professionally manage your server, your server services, even do service optimization, scaling and all the uptime monitoring to ensure that your server and services work their best all the time. We can tweak and fine tune things line NGINX, Apache, MySQL, NoSQL, and even work with frameworks like YII and NodeJS. Whatever your problem or need, we can provide you with competent and affordable solutions that make you and your products look their best.

Installation of New Software or Services

Upgrade or Change of Services

Issue related to control panels

Security and Server Hardening

Remotely monitoring your server

Hardware testing

Service / Server Optimization

Scaling, Load Balance and Tuning

Your Dedicated Network, System and DevOpps Administrators

Now everyone can afford talented server setup, installation, management, scaling and administration!

Price / Hour Prepaid Hours Total Order Now
$99 1 Hour $99 BUY NOW
$89 2 Hours $178 BUY NOW
$79 3 Hours $237 BUY NOW
$69 4 Hours $276 BUY NOW

With experienced system, network, and development admins salaries exceeding US$ 100,000 per annum, you can quickly see why using us to perform your administration needs saves you a ton of money. We also offer emergency support services. Our service is billed in 15 minute increments.